Bounding Main

est. 2020

Casual Style for Any Occasion

  • Taupe Open Knit Crochet Top
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I'm so glad I stumbled upon this place during our visit to Cambria. As soon as I walked in, I knew I would love it. I got myself a shirt and a sweater. Very soft and cute. They have the cutest outfits, best-smelling candles, accessories and a lot more. I was eyeing a lot more items but i have an inpatient toddler about to finish her ice cream across the street. The staff that day was also very friendly. Definitely  check this place out when you're in Cambria. You will love it!

Avi P.

I fell madly in LOVE with this store from the moment we walked by. I felt it pulling me in from the curb. Cambria has a special place in our hearts and this little shop is one of the reasons why I am loving it even more! Bounding Main is so adorable & charming with all of the perfect pieces for your wardrobe, accessories and more! I NEVER & I mean NEVER, walk into a store or boutique and walk out with EVERYTHING I tried on BUT that's exactly what I did during my visit!

Elizabeth L.

This shop is a must-visit boutique when you're in Cambria! Bounding Main is full of cute tops, blouses, and dresses. They also have a big selection of fashion jewelry and accessories.  I love the small town friendly customer service and hope their business thrives with both visitors and locals. It'll definitely be on my shopping rotation when I'm in town. Kudos to this fabulous shop!

Tiffany P.